Highlight of Hernando – Weeki Wachee Preserve

I stumbled upon this park on accident once before I was familiar with the area, and I am glad that I did. Weeki Wachee Preserve is an 11,206 acre preserve in Hernando County, Florida. The preserve is located at 2345 Osowaw Boulevard in Spring Hill, Florida. Prepare to spend at least 3 hours via bike, and even longer than that on foot to enjoy all that this preservation has to offer. As of 3/13/2017, the park lets cars enter the interior parking lot on the 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month, otherwise, there are two entrances. The easier one to locate is at Open Quarry Rd and Osowaw Blvd. The other is at the intersection of Petit Lane and Shoal Line. I would recommend parking at the easier lot, but if you want to get to the beautiful spots faster, go to the other parking lot. It takes about 10 minutes of continuous biking to get to the scenery from the road, and perhaps 30 to 40 minutes on foot.

The Weeki Wachee Preserve was an old quarry, so the park has hiking hills from the rock remains. These features are dangerous, and they may not be suitable for some guests, but for those who enjoy that type of thrill, they will surely enjoy the views from above.

The hills range from 20 to over 50 feet, and the climb itself is usually moderate, with some challenging spots depending on the route you climb. Some trails are inclined in a way that you can bring your bike attop.

There are at least 6 hills, if not more.

Please note, there is 1 restroom. The trail around the park is

The trail around the park is expansive. Expect to dedicate a good portion of your day exploring the entire park.

Wear proper shoes. The trails are sandy and overgrown. It is also a good idea to wear high socks or pants if you can manage because the vegetation can irritate your skin.

The sun beats down on you with no forgiveness. Bring a hat, bring sunblock, bring water. This is Florida, so forgetting any of the aforementioned items will cut your day short.

Don’t forget, BRING YOUR CAMERA. You will be glad you did.


EDIT: Since this post, I’ve actually gone back and had taken more photos. My updated blog post with more photos is HERE



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