Adding appeal on a Budget

I sometimes have to remind buyers that all it takes is a coat of paint, yet they still walk away from a possible future home. Many buyers don’t realize the potential of a couple of hundred dollars. With that in mind, sometimes neither do the sellers. So, without further interruption, here is a list of ideas that you can do to make your home more appealing and attractive to buyers.

  1. Paint those walls! Nothing beats a fresh coat of paint. Choose a color that is neutral. Neutral = more buyers will be ok with it. Sure, it won’t be someone’s first choice, but no one has ever complained about the cream or white colored walls not matching their furniture. Shockingly enough, that makes a world of difference. I see a great change of perspective when I escort buyers to a house that at least has a fresh coat of paint on the walls.
  2. Buy some extra paint for the cabinets. Since we are adding appeal on a budget, I’d assume a total tear down of the existing cabinetry is out of your financial means. Have you considered painting the cabinets instead? Sure it will take a good day to do in many instances, but if that adds a few extra thousand to your selling potential, isn’t it worth it? While you’re at it, go buy some nice looking handles. With these efforts, your kitchen can easily pass for brand new.

    Now do keep in mind that you want to tailor to a larger crowd, so keep the rule of neutral colors in play as well when painting your cabinets. Not everyone will like bold colored cabinets in their kitchen as much as you will.

  3. Declutter EVERYTHING. Small appliances, pictures, extra towels, shoes, books, half of your house. Put it away. You want to create an atmosphere that looks large and inviting. If your kitchen has too many appliances keeping people from cutting vegetables, or your bathroom has hairspray and accessories everywhere that gets in the way of the morning routine, it is hard for the buyer to picture themselves living there. Even when this is a fixed situation once you move out, buyers don’t look at it that way. Just like with the easy paint fix, you have to put your home in the best light, and investing a few dollars on boxes and a storage unit will do just that.
  4. Keep some of the clutter if it looks good. Towels, decor, candles, and flowers all look appealing to the buyers. Don’t be afraid to put out a towel set with a matching soap dispenser in your bathroom. Create a spa-like experience with your favorite scented candles.
  5. Clean your home. This is probably the cheapest option, but one that will have a great impact. Scrub that grime. Eliminate the mold. Keep dishes out of the sink. Sure, it is only temporary, but a clean car sells faster at a dealership, why wouldn’t the same rule apply here. Don’t be afraid to call in a professional to get the carpets cleaned. If you are not able to replace them, at least give buyers a reason to adore them. Make sure there are no questionable odors. You may be used to them, but your guests won’t be. Have a friend stop by and do a sniff test for you. Find out what is causing the questionable odor and eliminate it. Be sure to remove wild shrubbery and overgrown vegetation. Add some plants to the yard that will draw attention to your property. Curb appeal strikes the 1st impression. Make sure that buyers will be impressed before they even get out of the car.


Do you have any more tips that you would like featured on my blog? If so, don’t be afraid to reach out to me.

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