From Spring Hill to…?

Spring Hill isn’t very far from all that Florida has to offer! From beaches to amusement parks, and metropolitan areas, all it takes is a few gallons of gas and a little bit of time.

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Clearwater Beach is a short hour and a half away. Be sure to check out all there is to do in Clearwater. I’ll make a post soon and link it here!

Disney has a few routes, but either way, you are just shy of 2 hours to get to the most magical place on earth.

Universal Studios is just a short drive as well.

The trip to Tampa is just an hour away thanks to the straight shot from the Suncoast.

Travel to St. Petersburg is going to take you just over an hour, thanks to being so close to the Suncoast and 275!

To get to the heart of downtown Orlando, be sure to dedicate almost 2 hours to the commute.

A trip to Daytona Beach is just shy of 3 hours.

The commute to Miami is roughly a 5 hour trip. If you’re up for it, be sure to consider a flight from Tampa International Airport.


Florida has so many options for you if you’re willing to take the drive to get to them. Be sure to send in photos of places that you want to share with us and we will create a blog post highlighting that destination!

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