It’s Snowbird Season, and…

If you are considering a move to or a second home in Florida, you might check out Silverthorn.  This is a great time of year for it.  It is a gated community, which means better preservation of property values, and more security.  Silverthorn is on the more upscale side, and features numerous amenities such as you would expect from an exclusive gated community in Hernando County, FL.

Homes include 2- and 3-bedroom, maintenance-free villas, and single-family homes. Silverthorn’s single-family homes run the gamut from 1600 sqft 3-bedroom homes to 7500+ sqft luxury golf course homes. If you prefer a more exclusive style property, Silverthorn offers Firethorn Point, a private, gated section of the community with 1/2 acre parcels in a very tranquil setting.

Check out the current Silverthorn real estate listings here.

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