When you find it, don’t wait!

The market is hot right now. The best homes in Hernando County and throughout Florida are selling very quickly. If you find a home for sale that seems right for you do not wait. Put an offer in on it. The better foreclosure homes sell especially quickly and usually at or above the asking price.

If for example you find a beautiful waterfront foreclosure home in Hernando Beach that is your dream home, rest assured others are looking at too. It it very possible that you could end up in a “multiple offer situation”. When this happens, the bank will ask for everyone to present their highest and best offers. You will not know what the other offers are, so it is time for a gut check. Make your best offer.

The banks like cash offers on foreclosed homes, and they also prefer selling foreclosure homes to owner occupants–people who will live in the home. In most cases now we are seeing bank-owned properties, foreclosures, and government-owned homes selling at or above the asking price. Be prepared.

Search Spring Hill foreclosure homes and bank-owned homes now.

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