Renovations (or lack of) You’re Doing that Annoy Your Neighbors

We’ve all been there or know someone who has an issue with their neighbor. Many scenarios are comically played out on television, and most of them involve over-the-top antics. So while I’m sure you do your best to ensure there is no cause of grief from your neighbors, still take a look at what the most problematic issues are.

Inhibiting someone’s view. I had this happen. Both of our lots had a beautiful view of the back canal. Then one day, the neighbor put up a huge 7ft tall brick wall that extended from the house to about 2 feet from the water. Needless to say, I wasn’t able to see much after that point.

Unfinished projects. We know life gets in the way, but neighbors hate seeing a half-finished roof for 5 months or remnants of pallets and other such debris in the yard. While we are on the topic of finishing projects, neighbors hate hearing roofing nails/hammers, saws, drills, and anything else that would wake the little children all hours of the day for weeks on end. Sure, you can’t help it sometimes, but do be courteous to noise after waking hours.


Unique taste. Lime green walls, mismatched shutters. Even poor condition homes needing a freshen up tend to annoy neighbors. Looking at an eye sore means less money in their pocket once they decide to sell. While you’re at it, do note unkempt landscaping tops the list as well. Mow those yards to keep your neighborhood happy and beautiful.

Work vehicles inhibiting their property. Do you have a vendor parked close to the neighbor’s driveway or lot? Sure it wouldn’t be a problem if it wasn’t an everyday problem, but if it happens often, reassure yourself that your neighbor is alright with the circumstances or find an alternative.

Installing irrigation systems. Be sure your irrigation isn’t an irritation to others. Will your water cause mud or excess water with other lots?

Lighting that is too bright. Are your accent lights too accented? Are they keeping your neighbors up? Sure it wouldn’t be much for a neighbor to get thicker curtains, but they aren’t going to be happy to do so when it means sacrificing a style they love or money.

Renovations will be finished, but neighbors are forever (until they move), so be sure to keep them happy too, otherwise, they won’t think twice about inconveniencing you!


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